In Villanueva de la Jara, province of Cuenca, the macolla invented the public like in the most popular social network; the street.

Hanging a macolla in front of the window of the admired girl is revealing of intentions. It can be said that it is a like jareño ahead of its technological time. The fact that macollas are still put up, pretending to attract female attention, means that traditions are not lost. Preserving them, especially those of beauty also for the soul, strengthens an identity that lavishes love generously.

In the ancestral customs of the Castellania, the Mayos were sung to the beloved woman as a musical poem that became forbidden.

The Manchego May Festival is a Festival of National Tourist Interest that commemorates the ancient festival of mayos in the region of La Mancha.

Love Award

Those who do not feel the birth of the flower of love in their breasts either take down the macolla or abandon it. When you walk along the street it is not strange to see some macolla dissected by the years, nobody asks at the doors for stories that it is not appropriate to know, it is none of their business. It is pleasing to continue to see green dancing macollas in the air.

So, as it is the duty of time in its passing; the macolla gnawed by the passing of the years gives, at least, the melancholy of remembering that golden age of the summers in the village.

Macollas or millstones

Spending the vacations and fleeing the city, going to the village.

We counted the black bulls on the road to know how long the trip was. After the fourth, in La Graja, through the windows of the car, a wide angle view of the countryside opened up.

It wasn’t just bathing in the river, trampolining with a bunch of boys. In those summers, the town became your whole world.

In the village it changed your life. You stayed up all night.

Going to bed after midnight was normal in the village. People sit at the doors of their houses, in more or less numerous groups; and you chat until you get sleepy.

Definition of Macolla

The Real Academia de la Lengua says that it is a «Set of roots of a plant, especially herbaceous plants».

Some people call it Matojo, but the authentic Macolla is barley. It is not to uproot a plant and leave it in any form. It is easy to make a macolla.

If you do not know what a macolla is, you should read on.

The term macolla also alludes to a group of people – a gang or group of young people – who get together, which is what happens in the Macolla affair. You can go to put macollas alone, it is usually done at night. Or do it in a group, knowing that you may have competition.

The whirling before throwing the macolla was a choreography. The decision to add a macolla, to the half dozen that the güacha was already carrying; or to continue on your way, alone and unprotected by Cupid.

It may seem childish to add macollas. There is no age to feel love. And in spite of not having the intention of «hanging» any macolla, it says well of one to join those who are going to put more than one. These «lovers in desperate need» perform very well if you show yourself animated with them, even if it takes them up to fourteen attempts.

How is a macolla?

Basically, explaining what a macolla is like is easy: two barley shoots, like a fist, tied together with a pita, or string that is available. That double pendulum, it is the intention, will make the heart of the requested girl sound. Knowing how to make a good macolla includes knowing the science of resisting the inclemencies of the weather so changeable. The request for love must feel too intense and sincere to be made public.

It was not uncommon to see several macollas together in front of a house, nor some almost prehistoric macollas, which are held together by the hand of the sentimental artist.

The act of putting up a macolla is to be admired, as it is an outpouring of loving sincerity in the eyes of the people.

Other definitions of the term Macolla are: money, wealth.

Fame, money, success

Ahead of her time, the macolla is a genuine #likejareño. Time in the village, childhood summers in La Jara, brimming with enjoyment in the task that arose. The siesta was not an impediment, but the lows were noticeable at the time when the streets are empty of people and full of sun.

In the contemporary social overexposure of the digital society, the macolla is the most sincere origin of the publicly proclaimed loving essence.

Away from this consumer society, like it or not, it is necessary to consider that love and money have always been related. Who says money, says popularity, some fame….

It is opposite worlds to go on the attractions than to look at them from the outside. Another of the most innocent revelations to begin to grow a macolla in the heart, was to invite the beloved to a few laps in the fastest car of the crazy car track.

Two tracks arrived, one year, of bumper cars. They were installed one in front of the other. The first night of the fair cost you five bucks a token, from the second night on both tracks cost one buck a token. I bought a bag with a hundred rides.
C.M. Motilla del Palancar

Working in summer, in town, a thousand pesetas (6€) a week.

If you wanted to move around the fair of the Fiestas de la Virgen de las Nieves, with ease, it was necessary to look for a living to earn some money. The normal thing was to work in whatever you could get. It was a different era.

Many people worked from home, assembling Nagares relays with a tin soldering iron and assembling the pieces as instructed. Come on… They made good money with that.
J.L.G La Jara

LikeJareño by antonomasia

Urban routines were left behind when overcoming the Portillo de Buñol.

It stopped smelling like the sea and the countryside flooded you. Summer in the village was a vital prize, even if you had to take subjects for September.

A cure of sleep, love, food and spirituality.

The village continues to be like that.

And you don’t finish it.


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