Bird watching in Villanueva de la Jara

Bird watching in Villanueva de la Jara offers those who wish to enjoy the contemplation and practice of ornithology a rich variety of native birds and others that appear in the skies of La Jara during migratory periods.

Birdwatching in Villanueva de la Jara

It is known as birdwatching and also pajareo. In Villanueva de la Jara it will not fail to surprise both the birdwatching specialist and those who are fond of birdwatching in the skies of Villanueva de la Jara. Both bird watching and study, the options that our town offers are truly extensive.

What birds can be seen in Villanueva de la Jara?

Given its geographical location, Villanueva de la Jara is an ideal place for bird watching. Among others, you can see birds such as kestrels, bustards and booted eagles.

It is also possible to see owls and eagle owls, among the species of birds of prey that exist in Villanueva de la Jara.

Where to go bird watching

As is logical, the places where you can go bird watching in La Jara are diverse. Once you have seen the bee-eater, and if you have been able to see the Red-tailed Nightjar, perhaps the intention is not only to see birds, but also to enjoy the songs of some species.

Birds on the Valdemembra River

In the part of the Valdemembra river we will be able to enjoy with the song of species of birds like the Nightingale.

Herons, mallards, mallards, coots and coots live in the river of La Jara.

If we do the activity in spring, the contemplation of the swifts and their flashy flight at high speed, along with the screeching sounds that these birds emit, can be enjoyed during the visit to Villanueva de la Jara.

The Kestrel colony in Villanueva de la Jara

In Villanueva de la Jara we can boast of having a colony of Lesser Kestrels.

The lesser kestrel, quite similar in appearance to the common kestrel, is distinguished from it by its smaller size and by a series of morphological characteristics that are sometimes not easily identifiable in the field, such as the color of the nails: white in the lesser kestrel, black in the common kestrel.

Jareño habitat for birds

We are in the plains of La Mancha and therefore if we decide to go bird watching, in the fields that decorate the landscapes of Villanueva de la Jara we will see partridges and quails. If we are lucky we can also identify plovers and little bustards.

In Villanueva de la Jara those looking for bird watching will see buzzards, goshawks, peregrine falcons, marsh harriers, owls and even griffon vultures.

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